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SMC Pump Challenge

Fixturlaser South Africa (Pty) Ltd announces the
SMC Pump Challenge

The Challenge is designed to expose mechanics and reliability personnel to modern machinery diagnostics by applying the SMC's built-in automatic diagnostic software to analyse their most troublesome pump.


1) When machinery mechanics or reliability personnel sign up for the SMC Pump Challenge they will be contacted to set up a short appointment.

2) At the appointed date and time they will receive a free 30-minute on-site analysis of their most challenging pump. 
3) A Fixturlaser South Africa specialist will conduct the analysis using the Smart Machine Checker, machinery analyser. 
4) Within minutes, right at the machine, the SMC will identify any problems, along with their severity, and recommend corrective actions.
5) In addition to the on-the-spot results, The analysis will be confirmed with a written report.

The SMC Pump Challenge is possible because the SMC’s diagnostic program achieves a high level of accuracy. The patent-pending algorithms are based on 30 years of vibration expertise and data that are built right into the Fixturlaser SMC.

The Fixturlaser SMC is not intended to replace a vibration-monitoring program. It is designed instead to supplement any existing condition-based maintenance practices by giving the power of on-demand diagnosis to the people that know their machines best: the mechanics. Priced affordably, with the option of adding a powerful balancing package, the Fixturlaser SMC belongs in any industrial environment, from small machine shops to massive refineries.

To sign up for the SMC Pump Challenge, click here