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Falcon Analyser

The FALCON Data Collector and Analyser

The FALCON is an innovative tool for collection, vibration analysis and balancing that puts condition-based maintenance within the grasp of all users.

Incorporating all of ONEPROD's knowledge of condition-based maintenance, FALCON takes the mystery out of vibration analysis via automatic configuration and diagnostic modules that guarantee both simplicity of set-up and unequalled reliability of results.


Revolutionary and unique, this innovative "all-in-one" solution consists of a

three-axis wireless sensor in conjunction with a portable autonomous multi-channel device featuring a large color touch screen and built-in accessories (stroboscope, pyrometer, visual image camera, QR code reader, audio comments recorder, etc.).\


The FALCON reveals the full extent of its capabilities right from the moment you switch it on: automatic configuration via a user-friendly and intuitive interface, automatic identification of machines via QR code, wireless communication offering reliability and flexible for the user, simultaneous 4+1 channel measurement (4 ch + trigger) input, quick measurement and real-time processing without compromising on quality of measurement, and automatic diagnosis with more than 80% reliability.


The FALCON is also equipped with advanced functionality suitable for

performing diagnostics on the most complex machines. It was designed to

be used in the harshest environments (IP65, ATEX Z2, IECEX Certification,

anti-shock design, etc.).


Used in conjunction with Nesti4 software , the FALCON system sets the standards in portable data acquisition platforms.

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